About Our Club

 We have over one hundred different private landowners that the trails run through. The Trempealeau County Trails offer many variations of terrain and riding condition ranging from easy, flat field roads to extremely steep, tight woodland trails to some large mud holes.

There is an average of three trail rides a year, two one-day rides and a two-day ride. The trail rides are now usually bringing in over one hundred riders with varying abilities. The riders are split into groups according to the rider's ability and how fast he/she wants to go.

Enjoy The Ride!!

The Trempealeau County ATV Association consists of around 40 members who create, clear, and maintain the trails all summer. 

This organization is non-profit; all the money made from the trail rides is either donated to a local church or is put into the maintenance of old trails and the creation of new trails. These trails have been known to be some of the most challenging and most exciting trail in the area.

The trail rides are a great experience for riders new and experienced riders, as the events are held on private trails through scenic Trempealeau County.